Content creation

Do you recognize this? There is a great plan for a website, platform or academy. The first content is online and we are happy and proud of the result. The first users come along and then….

There is nothing, no new content to keep the user interested. The investment to attract the user was then a one-off, that has become an expensive hobby then. 

So how now? Ask OrangeBrain to PLUS you and ask and discuss how to add engaging content so the visitor enjoys to return to your platform.
A returning visitor is a value visitor. 

Value visitor?

In recent years, and especially last year, a lot has been invested in online activities such as platforms and webinars.
Everyone is happy when there are “many” visitors.
But are these the visitors you want or is it just about the numbers, then this is fine.

But if you are more interested in quality, Have you defined your value visitor?

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