OrangeBrain: Plussing

A really good idea is at once surprising and obvious. Only previously all its elements did not come together. It hits you not only in your head but also in your heart. 
It touches you, inspires you and in such a way that it can lead you. It gives you energy and you see the value of it. You want to get to work on it right away, turn the idea into concrete actions, goals or products.

Often it is not easy to get the idea clear, in words or in writing, or to make visible the legitimacy you feel and see in it. That’s tricky, because it does keep you busy. What is needed: you must learn to see the core, the real meaning of the idea in a situation or context. The core is still too abstract; they are images in your head, fleeting and sometimes elusive.

The really good idea can also run away with you, even in a negative sense. You are left with the frustrating feeling that you cannot define the good idea; you are chasing a kind of illusion.

Time to get OrangeBrain involved!

Let OrangeBrain “pluss” you. We use a methodology that is based on existing process steps, completed with our own vision and elaboration:

  1. Feel
  2. Understand
  3. Enrich
  4. Create and develop
  5. Launch
  6. Evaluate

1. Feel:
The first step is to develop a feel for the idea.

The focus in this first step is on questions, questions and more questions. Collect as much information as possible so that the idea can be described clearly (enough) in the next step. You determine the information that is relevant to your OrangeBrain-plussing process and if you want, we can of course help you with that. For example, if you work for an organization that focuses on rare diseases, it is good to know who the stakeholders are, both internal and external, local and international. It is important not to make assumptions or prejudices during this step.
OrangeBrain supports you by guiding the question and search process and mapping the stakeholders and their influence.

 2. Understand
All information gathered in the first is analyzed in step two. With this analysis, the idea can be concisely defined.

It is all about formulating the right challenge or issue behind the idea. You get a good picture of this, by understanding the wishes, needs and motivation of the target group, so in the later phases a service or product can be developed that can fill in the actual challenge.
OrangeBrain supports you to get the issue/challenge clear. Together we create a clear and powerful definition.

3. Enrich
While enriching the idea we follow three basic rules:

  • Respectful listening and listen without judgment, say “yes and …. And don’t say “yes, but…” (that’s the quickest way to kill a potential great idea). By responding enthusiastically and positively within this phase the intrinsic motivation of the participants remains high, because they listen to each other seriously and actively; there is an open attitude
  • Be positive towards each other. Have respect for the talents and possibilities of each participant. When someone proposes something and you say ‘gosh, what a weird idea’, that is a quick way to kill the idea (and the motivation of your colleague). You can also say “that’s a creative way of looking at it”, or “what do we need to make this work?”. By doing this, you focus directly on the issues. Suggest new constructive suggestions.
  • Have a structured discussion. This means that the conversation is serious and constructive. P We take a critical look at existing products and services and at the same time generate new ideas that go further and ‘plus’: a better solution, product or service is created.

This third phase is often a difficult one because decisions also have to be made. That’s why it is important to go through this phase consciously, so that everyone eventually understands well enough why we came to a certain decision.

OrangeBrain supports you to enrich your ideas!

4. Create and develop
The jointly chosen solution direction in step 3 is going to be developed. It is important that stakeholders from the target group are involved. This creates involvement and support, which is of great importance for the next steps and the launch of the idea.

For the actual realization of the idea (or the challenge behind the idea) it is important to set timelines with milestones, within a clear plan of action. 

The OrangeBrain Pyramid of influence can be part of the plan of action.
OrangeBrain is happy to support you in setting up a timeline with milestones and creating plan of action. 

5. Launch
The time has come, the project is flying. Now it is important to have the right communication around it, so the right means are used to reach the right target group. Which parts of the media mix are used and how can all-channel play a role in this?

OrangeBrain is happy to support you with the launch of the project.

6. Evaluate
Evaluate at predetermined moments the KPIs on which you would measure the project.

OrangeBrain supports you with the evaluation and afterwards creates a clear report with conclusions and recommendations.

Ask for an OrangeBrainplussing: we’ll help you make your rough idea concrete, so you can get on with it quickly!