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The LIFO® Method History, the colors of the LIFO-method
In 1967, the LIFO® Survey originated as a positive and structured tool to supplement organizational development efforts and group dynamics training. The LIFO® Survey helps people understand their behavioral preferences, as well as how to improve themselves, and improve relationships by studying the interaction of each other’s personal styles and strengths.

Gerard Bienfait, founder of OrangeBrain, has within his LIFO assessment a combination of both red (action, steering, direct, …) and yellow (enthusiastic, networker, …) characteristics that predominate, along with green touches like reliable and involved.

When the colors red and yellow are mixed, orange is created. The symbolic meaning of orange is emotion, and the properties associated with it are energy, vitality, happiness, creativity, motivation, optimism and an overall sense of well-being. These are all concepts Gerard recognizes within himself and his way of working. The addition of ‘brain’ also links a certain ratio to Gerard’s personality traits: OrangeBrain
Healthcare matters

Healthcare matters has a double meaning. The first is a statement: ‘Healthcare matters!’ Good health and healthcare are of vital importance. The quality of care has our warm interest. Of course, we also have an opinion about it, and we like to share this with others who are also concerned with healthcare. The second meaning is the fact that we are concerned with matters related to health care.



Clients hire OrangeBrain consultants because of their knowledge assets. These knowledge assets can relate to specialist knowledge of an indication area or a specific market segment. However, the advantage can also be in providing insight into the market and the players in it and how you can connect to it or make use of it.

As our client, you will be provided with expert advice and support during implementation with the goal of solving a particular problem within the organization.


  • are independent and provide an objective view on dilemma’s and solutions
  • are less susceptible to internal politics and/or sensitive situations
  • can be cheaper than deploying someone on the payroll
  • provide thinking power and ‘hands on the bed’ when there is not enough capacity within functions or projects
  • are happy to do the ‘dirty work’; we like to make politically sensitive decisions

Business Development/ networking

OrangeBrain is a combination of colors from the LIFO system (see LIFO Systematics). Networking is one of the yellow properties within the LIFO system. With a good quality base, a specific network of healthcare professionals can be efficiently realized. The medical specialism is less important. OrangeBrain has a very high-quality global network in neuro-ophthalmology and a good and productive European network in dermato-oncology.
Rare diseases have our warm interest in the broadest sense.


Do you have a rough idea? That might be a good idea, or even diamond in the rough?
And do you want to investigate if there is potential in it? Or make the idea concrete? But do you lack time or creativity? Or would you just like to spar about it, because you know from experience that this often provides more insights?

Ask for OrangeBrainplussing: we’ll help you make your rough idea concrete, so you can get on with it quickly.

Strategic marketing

The big(ger) picture, that’s what strategic marketing is all about: making choices to achieve mission, vision and objectives. In other words: setting long-term goals, positioning in the market, and choosing a direction. In this way, strategic marketing can create added value in the market, give you a competitive advantage over your competitors, and affect tactical and operational marketing: your marketing mix and your business operations.

In the past year, classic marketing was definitively disrupted by COVID-19 and it seems that online marketing has become the standard. OrangeBrain supports this transition process by aligning classical and digital marketing. We help you optimally get back in touch with your target group digitally, in real life, or otherwise.

OrangeBrain supports when making decisions about deployment of various components of the marketing mix.


Brainstorm session

Organize an OrangeBrainstorm for your team/department/campaign/communication issue/product introduction. Together we'll look at the goal, where the different needs lie and what's needed to grow towards it. Based on this, OrangeBrain will suggest an approach and arrange everything that's needed.



Does your organization, team or department need (extra) brainpower, or do you need a new perspective or an 'out of the box' look at an issue? Check the possibilities to use OrangeBrainpower!



Much, if not everything, revolves around connection. Business, private; just think about it: if there is no connection, you won't get far. OrangeBrain helps you with connecting your people, your (potential) customers, your product portfolio, and your supply and demand.
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Every now and then take a step back from your work, look from an outside perspective at what you have been taking for granted for some time. Reflect for a moment, alone or with others. This has a refreshing effect; it keeps you on your toes and provides new, unexpected perspectives. OrangeBrain holds the mirror up to you in the shape of an Orangebrainbreak. That could be an hour of online sparring, but it could also be a course of 5 appointments of walking coaching.





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